How InfoBeams Helps You

The distribution and management of internal documents, from HR policies to training manuals, can be challenging. Who has received them? Who hasn't? Are signatures needed? Can they be accessed by team members in remote offices? On the road? Can you track revisions? All these questions are answered with InfoBeams. With InfoBeams, you can Publish, Follow and Verify.

Company Policies and Handbooks

With InfoBeams, you can distribute company handbooks and request an electronic signature (E-Signature) from each employee indicating that they agree to the policies contained within the document. As new employees are added, existing documents are automatically distributed to them.

Safety Manuals, MSDS Sheets and SOP Guides

InfoBeams allows you to publish all your safety sheets and policies to select groups who need to access them. You can optionally request an signature from each employee indicating that they received each document.

Training Materials, Sales Literature and Product Manuals

Do you have team members who need up-to-date literature, even on the road? InfoBeams puts all that material at their fingertips, even from their mobile device. As documents are updated, the latest version is always available.

Better Than Problematic "Read-Receipt" Tracking

Read receipts on email aren't support by every mail server, and users can elect not to send one. With InfoBeams, we'll log each view the moment it happens.

Effective Notification Platform

Notify all recipients of an updated file or document automatically.

Distribute Board Room and Meeting Minutes

Send PDF minutes and summaries to board members and receive confirmation that they were received and/or opened.

Publish Any PDF File

If it's a PDF, you can publish it with InfoBeams. Each user has a login that allows them to review the documents you have published, any time. Try our quick demo - We'll send you a published PDF and ask you to electronically sign for it. Click here to try the demo.

Track Compliance

Our reports will show you at a glance who has opened each document, who still needs to sign for a document, and even allow you to send reminders to those who have not yet signed, all with the touch of a button. Wave goodbye to clunky email and paperwork.

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